Here are photos from the City Council meeting on Feb. 18, 2009, when winners from the 19th annual Mardi Gras Shoe Box Float Contest were recognized. Also shown are the winning entries, which are on display in the lobby of City Hall through the week of Mardi Gras. For names of winners, see story on the city web site. Click on individual photos to enlarge.

dsc00089_small.jpg dsc00091_small.jpg dsc00092_small.jpg dsc00229_small.jpg
dsc00230_small.jpg dsc00231_small.jpg dsc00232_small.jpg dsc00233_small.jpg
dsc00234_small.jpg dsc00235_small.jpg dsc00236_small.jpg dsc00237_small.jpg
dsc00238_small.jpg dsc00239_small.jpg dsc00240_small.jpg picture1_small.jpg
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