Here are more than a hundred photos from the city's "National Night Out Against Crime" community fair, conducted Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2009 on the grounds of Nativity BVM Elementary School. Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc02548_small.jpg dsc02549_small.jpg dsc02550_small.jpg dsc02551_small.jpg dsc02552_small.jpg dsc02553_small.jpg dsc02554_small.jpg
dsc02555_small.jpg dsc02556_small.jpg dsc02557_small.jpg dsc02558_small.jpg dsc02559_small.jpg dsc02560_small.jpg dsc02561_small.jpg
dsc02562_small.jpg dsc02563_small.jpg dsc02564_small.jpg dsc02565_small.jpg dsc02566_small.jpg dsc02568_small.jpg dsc02569_small.jpg
dsc02570_small.jpg dsc02571_small.jpg dsc02572_small.jpg dsc02573_small.jpg dsc02574_small.jpg
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