Here are photos from the fourth day of work on the 24-foot marlin sculpture on the Biloxi Town Green. Tree carver Marlin Miller and his wife, Rene, plan to return to Biloxi in several weeks to wrap up work on the project, which marks Miller's 17th sculpture in Biloxi and the first to be painted. Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc02226_small.jpg dsc02227_small.jpg dsc02228_small.jpg dsc02229_small.jpg dsc02230_small.jpg dsc02231_small.jpg
dsc02232_small.jpg dsc02233_small.jpg dsc02234_small.jpg dsc02235_small.jpg dsc02236_small.jpg dsc02237_small.jpg
dsc02238_small.jpg dsc02239_small.jpg dsc02240_small.jpg dsc02241_small.jpg dsc02242_small.jpg dsc02243_small.jpg
dsc02244_small.jpg dsc02245_small.jpg dsc02246_small.jpg dsc02247_small.jpg dsc02248_small.jpg dsc02249_small.jpg
dsc02250_small.jpg dsc02251_small.jpg dsc02252_small.jpg dsc02253_small.jpg dsc02254_small.jpg dsc02255_small.jpg
dsc02256_small.jpg dsc02257_small.jpg dsc02258_small.jpg dsc02259_small.jpg dsc02260_small.jpg dsc02261_small.jpg
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