Marlin Miller's sculpture on the Town Green was beginning to take shape this morning and afternoon. Here are photos taken this afternoon, as Miller took a break from the heat and spoke with onlookers. Click on individual images to enlarge. Video also available on city web site.

dsc01986_small.jpg dsc01987_small.jpg dsc01988_small.jpg dsc01989_small.jpg dsc01990_small.jpg
dsc01991_small.jpg dsc01992_small.jpg dsc01996_small.jpg dsc01997_small.jpg dsc01998_small.jpg
dsc01999_small.jpg dsc02000_small.jpg dsc02001_small.jpg dsc02002_small.jpg dsc02003_small.jpg
dsc02004_small.jpg dsc02005_small.jpg dsc02006_small.jpg dsc02007_small.jpg dsc02008_small.jpg
dsc02009_small.jpg dsc02010_small.jpg dsc02011_small.jpg dsc02012_small.jpg

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