Here are photographs of what is expected to be the final tree carved by Marlin Miller as part of the Katrina sculptures project in Biloxi. The tree -- which is in a community reading garden on the north side of the Biloxi Town Green, west of the Katrina Memorial -- is shown in July 2009, from various angles before and after it was "topped" by a tree-trimming firm in preparation for Marlin's work. Click on individual images to enlarge. See video of Miller's plans on the front page of the city web site.

dsc01628_small.jpg dsc01629_small.jpg dsc01630_small.jpg dsc01631_small.jpg dsc01632_small.jpg
dsc01633_small.jpg dsc01634_small.jpg dsc01635_small.jpg dsc01636_small.jpg dsc01637_small.jpg
dsc01638_small.jpg dsc01639_small.jpg dsc01971_small.jpg dsc01972_small.jpg dsc01973_small.jpg
dsc01974_small.jpg dsc01975_small.jpg dsc01976_small.jpg dsc01977_small.jpg dsc01978_small.jpg
dsc01979_small.jpg dsc01980_small.jpg

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