Here are aerial photographs from Friday, released by the U.S. Coast Guard, as well as City of Biloxi photos taken Saturday as city workers raised

the bridge draw spans to their fully erect position. Click on individual images to enlarge.

g0000x005_small.jpg g0000x001biloxibridgecollapse_small.jpg g0000x0052_small.jpg g0000x003biloxibridgecollapse_small.jpg dsc00991_small.jpg
dsc00992_small.jpg dsc00993_small.jpg dsc00994_small.jpg dsc00995_small.jpg dsc00996_small.jpg
dsc00997_small.jpg dsc00998_small.jpg dsc00999_small.jpg dsc01000_small.jpg dsc01001_small.jpg
dsc01002_small.jpg dsc01003_small.jpg dsc01004_small.jpg dsc01005_small.jpg dsc01006_small.jpg

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