Here are photos from the Popp's Ferry Bridge, where a tug pushing eight barges struck the bridge this morning, collapsing a 60-foot section of the bridge. Photos by Dean Wise and Vincent Creel. Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc_0091_small.jpg dsc_0092_small.jpg dsc_0093_small.jpg dsc_0094_small.jpg dsc_0095_small.jpg dsc_0096_small.jpg
dsc_0097_small.jpg dsc_0098_small.jpg dsc_0099_small.jpg dsc_0100_small.jpg dsc_0101_small.jpg dsc_0102_small.jpg
dsc_0103_small.jpg dsc_0104_small.jpg dsc_0106_small.jpg dsc_0107_small.jpg dsc_0112_small.jpg dsc_0113_small.jpg
dsc_0118_small.jpg dsc_0120_small.jpg dsc_0122_small.jpg dsc_0123_small.jpg dsc_0124_small.jpg
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