Here are photos taken at today's State of the City address by Mayor A.J. Holloway. The Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce luncheon was held at Beau Rivage Resort & Casino before an audience of nearly 700 guests. For more on the presentation, visit Click on individual images to enlarge.

dsc00224_small.jpg dsc00225_small.jpg dsc00226_small.jpg dsc00227_small.jpg dsc00228_small.jpg dsc00229_small.jpg
dsc00230_small.jpg dsc00231_small.jpg dsc00232_small.jpg dsc00233_small.jpg dsc00234_small.jpg dsc00235_small.jpg
dsc00236_small.jpg dsc00237_small.jpg dsc00238_small.jpg dsc00239_small.jpg dsc00240_small.jpg dsc00241_small.jpg
dsc00242_small.jpg dsc00243_small.jpg dsc00244_small.jpg dsc00245_small.jpg dsc00246_small.jpg dsc00248_small.jpg
dsc00249_small.jpg dsc00250_small.jpg dsc00251_small.jpg dsc00252_small.jpg dsc00253_small.jpg dsc00254_small.jpg
dsc00255_small.jpg dsc00256_small.jpg dsc00257_small.jpg dsc00258_small.jpg dsc00259_small.jpg dsc00260_small.jpg
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